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    Quote Originally Posted by krludwig View Post
    When you get to the plan selection page I noticed that they force you to choose either MEdia Max 1000 for 29.99/month or MEdia Max 200 for 19.99/month. And this appears to be *in addition* to your choice of one (or none) of the following: PDA Max, BB Connect Unltd., PDA Connect Unltd., BB Connect 4MB.
    I saw that too and got a little bit more skeptical about buying it. With that extra $20 a month for the 6 months you need to have it before you can change plans (or risk losing that Amazon instant rebate), it'll probably end up being close to the original price if you wait for Cingular to offer it.

    I was also a bit concerned by the 6lbs the thing weighs, as well as the description stating the SD slot is on the top, when we all know its on the side. Of course, this could also just be a description error to go along with the price error

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyking517 View Post
    See the cool thing is that even if the price is wrong Amazon will have to honor the price...DOOOOH for them and YEEEEAH for you. I will wait and see what happens.
    Amazon doesn't have to honor the price. They often have price mistakes and end up cancelling all the orders.
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    Someone sent me this information last night, and I listed it at my site.

    Amazon will change the price once they realize their mistake. Amazon won't sell them even if you ordered at the $149 price, what they will do is give you a discount on it, ie. you will not have to pay full price since they made a mistake. You're probably going to have to talk to them and tell them that it's their problem they made a mistake, and they will have to do something about it. I know they're not going to sell it for $149, but I'm sure if enough people complain that ordered it at that price, they will do something for you.
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    hmm, this might not be a mistake. If you read the terms it says you have to maintain service for 180 days or you will have to repay Amazon $250. Even then it seems like a good deal.
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    Just like the 680, hopefully its a sign it will be released this week. When Amazon took off the 680 it came out officially a few days later.
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