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    I would like to upgrade my treo 750v with the cingular rom and the rom is not available anymore :-(

    My Treo is in Italian and would love to have the english ROM.

    I was wondering if someone has the ROM available ?

    Thanks in advance and happy thanksgiving

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    Looks like they've been told to remove it. There appear to be issues with that version of the Cingular ROM so it may be better to hold out for an official release anyway.
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    Once you move to the Cingular ROM, you can't go back because there isn't a Vodaphone ROM available to reflash it. Some have reported significant issues here at TC, so you might be better off sticking with the Voda ROM for a while.
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    I looked but I don't have the file anymore. I wouldn't recommend the Cingular ROM. Like the others said, it's buggy and Goodlink kept crashing on it requiring a hard reset everytime. I'm not even using my 750 anymore cause of it.
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    I saw a post that said after a hard reset, you have the choice to choose your language. Maybe try that for the time being?
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    Some of the guys on HoFo said the opposite...that the Cingular ROM was working great.
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