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    Iambic forums are showing that a beta will start sometime in December for Agendus for the Windows Mobile platform. See the Forum link for details.

    Since there are several Palm users that switched and Iambic had listened and is making the annoucement that a beta is coming soon. Screenshots are shown and discounts will be given for beta testers - the specifics will follow in that link.

    I would advise anyone interested in testing monitor the above link.
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    Thanks for the warning
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    that is great, was my favorite app on the Palm OS. I have not found a WM app that is anywhere near Agendus.
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    This is the one program I have been missing since the PalmOS/WM5 switch. I have made 'Fusion' work for me, but I mourn the loss of Agendus.
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    Check out the latest Agendus's much improved, and a lot faster than AgendaOne/AgendaFusion.

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