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    Now that it's over and in the spirit of Thanksgiving here is the good I see that came out of the sms fiasco.

    1) Everyone learned how to send text messages via email. Can anyone confirm that texting this way is free? I'm wondering if I shouldn't keep texting this way.

    2) Many got some kind of compensation such as a better sms deal out of it or even money back from the phone purchase. If you haven't called Sprint to get compensation you should do so.

    3) Some tried other phones due to this problem and have happily found a better phone for them.

    Any other benefits?
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    If you're using SMS to send to email addresses, that is not free & normal SMS charges will apply. But if you use your SMTP/exchange email to send to those addresses, it is free.

    Nothing positive about it for me, I already had unlimited SMS. But I'm very happy it's working again. Especially the AIM SMSing.
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    Yeah, I use AIM forwarding a lot and I'm very happy that's fixed.

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