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    I am almost sure that I am going to regret this thread as I couldnt find this on this forum using search option.
    I want to buy 750v very soon and after all good/bad things all I want to know is how you compare WM5 browsing on Treo750v to Palm Blazer on 700P/650 (if you tried all or both).
    Is it same? Is 750v browsing is better? How is rendering on 750v? I never tried windows mobile based device...ever. And I, therefore dont have a single clue if internet explorer on 750v will be easy and useful as blazer on my previous Palm based phones.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Once I found the fullscreen mode on the 700wx for PIE, I preferred it over Blazer. In my experience, it has rendered more websites correctly and does so faster. You can see this speed difference pretty easily on the mobile speed test on Blazer has some issues that cause it to delay loading the page quickly on the speed test page. As a result, it gives you a much lower number than it should. For me, I had speeds in the mid to upper 300 range. With the wx and PIE, I have speeds of almost 700. Technically the EVDO speed is the same with these two devices, but each handles it differently with their respective web browsers.
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