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    Ok, before you blast me, I know there is a bunch of differences between these two devices, but my main question or concern is very simple.

    My question:
    Software wise, is there any huge difference in the OS that is loaded on the Treo 700wx and the Axim x51v, aside from the phone part? Is everything that is on the Axim x51v OS on the Treo 700wx OS?

    I have a few SPB Software apps on my Axim that I use on occasion and I use the SPB Weather app daily. But, with a cell signal I could use some of the mobile weather websites.

    My devices are Ausiovox SMT5600 (Cingular and active), Treo 650 (Sprint deactived) and a Axim x51v. I used the 5600 as my daily phone. I use the 650 very little because it does not have an activated mobile service on it. I use the Axim daily for various tasks and waht not. I am not a power user, I do not watch movies or play serious games on my Axim. I use the calendar in conjunction with my 5600. The ActiveSync is so much more user friendly than the Palm Desktop stuff.

    Any feedback is welcome.
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    I have both devices. I am considering selling the Axim51v, but that gorgeous screen keeps me fixated.

    Spb Today software works on both. In lieu of the Spb weather, look into Weather Panel. It rocks.
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    HA ! I JUST came to a decision with these exact two items. Here is what happend:
    1. Dell Axim, probably the best pure PPC out there money can buy. GREAT screen and pretty snappy. Easy to get wifi and get on the Internet, great expansions. It really is a great machine. This is why I gave it up:
    Battery life is an issue so suddently you have to carry an expansion pack if you plan to use wi-fi alot cause it drains power alot. That brings up another black eye, You cant connect anywhere, anytime. You have to ben near a wifi hotspot and not many of them are free or you have to piggy back off someone elses IF its not encrypted or Mac ID locked.

    Basically i just sold my axim x51v 2 Gb CF card, leather case, programs for about 400 bucks on ebay.
    The treo, while not as quick or easy on the eyes you can get the internet and check your email WHEREVER. That was key to me, as was not having to carry around 2 devices. Treo has its glitches but if you want to be able to use the internet wherever you are, email, webmail, it doesnt have gps but you can google dir on the fly, just cant beat it. If the axim allowed me to use the internet and phone it would destroy the Treo but it cant.
    As for program usability, that is going to be a yes but a cautious one. Remember the axim has VGA ( 600 x 400) where the Treo is 240 x 240 so the screen limits alot. Bear in mind the processor for the Axim is faster too so even if the viewing screen is good it MAY be choppy.

    In any event the axim has a huge following, as well as the Treo so support will be there for either device. Hope that helps.

    By the way, I THINK the current situation is that DELL will not make any more PPC devices so the axim is a dying breed.


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