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    I just got my case and things for my treo and I was wondering what everyone else's phone looks like. So...What does your Treo look like right now case and everything. Please note what you have also.

    Heres mine....

    I have the Sena flip case and the Palm Flexi case underneath.

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    How do you like that case so far. I had that case for about 2 minutes and gave it away. It looked goofy when talking on the fone and having that flap hanging down or flapped back. ((yuck))

    Otherwise it protects the fone well.
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    I actually like it a lot. The flap doesnt bother me. It doesnt get in my way or anything. I like it b/c I can fit my credit cards and id inside and it protects me phone really well. I wear it around my neck and the magnets are really strong and it never unflaps.

    It didnt seem to fit the way it wanted to though. The sides next to the screen curved outwards like it was too small for my phone or something. I ended up using the flexi case inside b/c i heard that the stitches might scratch the phone but I still love it. Everything I use it I like it more and more.

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