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    I seem to have a problem in WMP where the app wont add songs to the library that are on my storage card.

    All my music is on the storage card under My Music\Artist\Album\*.mp3

    Anyone have an idea what the issue is and how I might be able to fix this

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    I have run into the exact same problem .... among so many others ....

    I assume that you have updated WMP ....

    After verifying all 400+ songs I had loaded onto the storage card and finding those that didn't load into WMP .... I found that the three that didn't load were MP4's .... I loaded TCPMP and they loaded and played there well

    I ~assume~ (a dangerous thing to do) that the reason your files might not have loaded is because they are not recognized by WMP

    I will watch this thread ....

    good luck

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