Palm has changed the way to choose symbols and special characters from the keyboard since the 650.

With the 650 the user first has to select a key that contains a symbol or special character, then press the Alt key and select the special character itself. There is no need to confirm the selection of the symbol/special character, pressing the next letter will also confirm the special character/symbol.

With the 750 the user has first to press the Alt key and then the key that contains the special character. Also the symbol/special character has to be confirmed from the list.

I experience the 650 input method as the more intuitive one. I like to idea to first select the key and having a list of options of other symbols assigned to this key after pressing the Alt key. While writing text with lots of special characters the need to confirm each special character on the 750 slows down the writing speed massively.

I have to use lots of special characters very often often. I also have recognized a change to the keyboard where often used symbols like the ":" have been removed - this for example is a drawback when a time has to be entered to a text.

To anyone know a tool which gives me back the treo 650 input method on the 750?