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    Can some please tell me how to roll back the rom to the previos version on the treo 700w.
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    you can't. What is the problem you are having with the rom update?
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    The problem is then internet cannot connect to broadband access it comes back with a popup that says " the answering modem has disconnected. to check your settings and change them if needed, tap settings.". I talked to verizon and they had me hard reset the phone(argghhh). which I did and I still get this pop up. I figured if I can roll the rom back the re-update it it should work. If I try to update it which I have it says that no further updates are needed since I have v1.10 which as you know is the latest update.
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    call verizon and have them send you a replacement. I assume that you called *228 or whatever to program your phone after the update right?
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    I just talked to verizon and they are sending me a new one i was hoping to fix this problem instead of getting or sendind mine back but i suppose it doesnt matter thank god for sprite and activesync working.

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