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    Can anyone recommend software for streaming music on a WM5 device? I loved Pocket Tunes on the Palm OS for listening to Shoutcast streams.

    I can't seem to get the Windows Media player on the Treo 750 to open these sites correctly - it keeps downloading the stream file and does nothing with it.
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    Never mind - I found Resco Pocket Radio. - Allows you to d/l the .m3u and .pls files, and then open them with this program.
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    where do you find those shortcuts?

    I also downloaded Pocketstreamer but all this is is basically a list of all the correct URL's - it just runs them in Windows Media Player. a bit of a con.
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    can any of those players play in the background with stereo bluetooth with the screen turned off? or do the music stop when the screen is turned off?
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    I would recommend conduits pocket player. its an excellent player and it has the shoutcast streams built into its interface. Best program out there imo. It also streams fine in background with bluetooth.

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