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    I am thinking about upgrading my Treo 600 to the 700wx. I currently have a blackberry through work but hate the device. Unfortunately, because my work email and calendar are synched through it, I have to use it.

    Is there a neat way of synchronizing calendars between a Treo 700wx and a blackberry (e.g. through bluetooth?). I do not want to (nor do I think I am allowed to) sync with the blackberry server.

    It may be possible for me to use the nortel PPC VPN software to connect to my network and sync directly with the outlook server, but really what I am looking for is something that just has the two devices chatting with each other in my pocket.

    Any suggestions?

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    you can't sync between the devices, but if your company is on Exchange (I assume you are since you mentioned Outlook) and your company supports OWA (Outlook Web Access) you can easily set up the 700wx to sync directly against the Exchange Server. I had posted this same thing above, but here are the settings to get going right on Exchange (called 'Exchange ActiveSync').

    Launch the Active Sync app on the device - Start/Programs/Active Sync.

    Hit the menu button and select 'Configure Server'. Then enter the following:

    First screen:

    Server Address: put in your company's OWA URL

    (do I check the SSL box?) YES

    Next screen:

    User Name: (Your Windows NT User Name, just like you use on your laptop)

    Password: Your Windows NT password

    Domain: Your Windows Domain

    (do I check 'Save Password' - ?) Yes, unless you want to enter each time you check mail

    Do I need to do anything under the advanced tab? NO, don't go there, leave the defaults.

    You can go into the next screen and modify the various settings for Email syncing, calendar, etc, if you wish.
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    You are going to need certificates loaded on the 700W, though. Keep that in mind.

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