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    does anyone know if there is a quick way to MUTE On/off and SPEAKERPHONE on/off, or a way to assign a hotkey or favorite button? this is especially imporant if I am in another app while on a call. currently it takes quite a few button presses to get back to the phone app.

    is there a way to assign a key to he phone app?
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    Anyone find any solutions to this? This was my biggest issue with earlier versions of WM devices. Then I got the 8125, which I hated. But at least its implementation of an in-call dashboard was nice, with a big, juicy mute button on the touchscreen. I cannot believe with all the great improvements Palm and WM made on this 750 that you have to go through menus to Mute and Speakerphone. Surely not! And the fact that the left soft key on the Cing 750 is for "hold" doesn't make sense to me. I am sure I am missing something here (is it for 3-way or conference calling), but why would you ever use Hold? With Hold both sides of the call are suspended. With Mute, obviously, you can still hear the other side talking without disengaging.

    I guess it's just different strokes for different folks. I never use Hold. I use Mute all of the time. Unless I am wrong and there is an easy way to quickly mute, this is a big oversight in my eyes.

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