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    I was just looking at specs and feats on Treo750v and found under Phone features "6 way calling".
    Can someone verify, explains this 6 way calling??? It is conference calling with 6 parties talking at same time??
    Is it available in USA???
    Did someone tried it in Europe??
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    It works on Cingular. It is 5 parties + yourself = 6-way conference calling. You can add a caller that calls you to a conference, or you can place your caller(s) on hold and add additional callers.

    Some networks only support 3-way conference calling, 2 parties + yourself. This is a limitation of the cellular network and not a limitation of the Treo.

    By the way, I've noticed that Cingular's 3G (UMTS) network only supports 3-way calling. I had to manually switch back to the GSM network and 6-way calling worked again.

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