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    Either they got the 2400 wrong or it has an extended cover for it. No way can they go from a 1200 (?) to a 2400 and keep it the same size.

    The largest for the 700 series is 2400.

    (Love how they refer to it as "Handspring")

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    I ordered one on the 21st and received it the 26th. The cover fits but the color nor the material matches. But it does the trick.
    Anyway the battery indicator is showing an exclamation mark and displays 0% !!! Just like when I use my treo 650 battery in the 750v
    If I plug the charger nothing changes. How do I charge my battery?

    Help needed..

    After a second support request and some threats to be taken seriouly they refunded me. A real shame. I got no explanation whatsoever. Not even instructions to send the battery back. I guess they know they are defective but an explanion wouldn't have hurt.
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