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    Ok here we go again. Like I have said in the past I am getting close to my contract date and am looking to go with the WX. Being a complete smart phone n00b I have had lots of catching up to do.

    This question relates to programs I will probably use. The question is, is the program Free...or Not Free.

    1. Internet Browser. I am assuming the phone comes with IE, but what about the others that you all use?

    2. Instant Messaging? AOL Client?

    Any other programs you all use will be appreciated...and of course Free or Not Free.
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    I won't try to be a jerk or anything, but there are NUMEROUS threads on here already that answer your questions. Especially about what browsers people use and what IM Clients are available (all speak about free vs. pay programs as well).

    Good luck on the whole search thing.
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    ie is free. altho you have to have internet to use it.

    I don't do instant messageing so can't comment.
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    agile messenger is free

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