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    I've installed a few apps and now I'm down to under 4MB...

    I assume I can delete the CAB files that I downloaded but what's the best way to clean up the garbage files?
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    I would also clear your pIE Cache.

    SKTools rocks for this.
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    I have installed alot of applications here is my left over memory stats:

    Storage left 34.90 mb

    Program 20.91 mb

    I have installed the following

    Pocket Informant to device memory (DM)
    Wine Guide to Memory Card (MC)
    My Sport Training (MC)
    Agenda One (DM)
    SPB Pocket Plus (DM)
    EWallet (DM)
    List Pro (DM)
    HandBase Pro (DM)
    SPB Finance (DM)
    SPB Backup (MC)
    Intelligolf (DM)
    IM+ Messenger (DM)

    I think this WM5 Treo 750V handles memory the best of any WM5 devicei have had

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