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    simple question: what should i overclock my Treo 700w to? as of right now, its 416 and i do not want to make it in the 500s yet until i get an approval. thanks in advance. - John
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    i set the setting to 'auto.' i guess its another problem solved =\
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    Just a word of warning...the Treo 700s often kick themself down to a very low CPU level automatically when not in heavy use. There is a known issue with xcpuscalar that interferes with that and kills battery life as a result. I read that one another post and tested it myself. I ran it one day with it set to Auto with a max of 312MHz (stock speed) and then a day with the program disabled. Battery life was almost gone the first day and I had around 50% the day with it disabled.

    If you want to go the max, the next speed up should be the highest the phone will run stable. I don't remember what the next stepping up is in xcpuscalar, but its in the 500MHz range.
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    I think the way to go is to just set it to 416mhz flat, no auto mode, I don't like things running in the background.

    I do this, and it doesn't appear to have affected battery life and I do feel a slight increase in response, especially when multitasking (I run styletap often so I need all the performance I can get).

    Try that out and see.
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    I've used 520 as a standard - both because it makes the 700 noticeably faster and because Skype needs that kind of speed to work properly. I've had good results with the auto-scale set to range from 208 to 520. I've also just pegged the device at 520. It's perfectly stable at that speed, but the battery does get drained quite a bit faster than usual.

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