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    I am seeing funny things going on with the Cingular ROM installed. I want to go back to the Voda ROM (original version).

    I have searched MANY forums all over the world and cannot find the original Voda ROM for this phone.

    Whoever gets it, please let me know so I can get it.

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    Unfortunately I don't think anyone has an installer for the Vodaphone ROM. That's why I haven't tried to use the Cingular ROM since there's no way to go back at present.
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    lcavada, I've been seeing weird little quirks too. At first it seemed fine but seems like the quirks happen more often now.

    Definitely wishing I hadn't installed that Cingular ROM now. Oh well...
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    Were your phones giving you trouble, why would you change roms? I hate how Cingular loads up their roms with all their crap. The Vodafone rom is nice and clean.
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