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    Is there such an app, or two apps that can do those things. Something that can clean treo old files, dead links, wrong reg keys ect. and also can fix reg if there is anything wrong with it.
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    do a search for memmaid as it does most of that.
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    SK Tools cleans up files and registry.
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    thay both have free trials. I like memmaid. the only thing I think neither will do is change reg settings. it will do a good job at cleaning up though.

    once again, be carefull with sktools. very very powerful. you can remove way more than you ever wanted. I tried it 2 different times, both ended up in hard resets.
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    yeah i was playing around with memmaid. looks good. maybe i'll keep it, lol.
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    Pocket Mechanic Professional is another of these types of programs that you might want to consider.

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