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    First of all I apologize if this has been gone into before, but in all my searching yesterday and today I found either a variety of hack ways to copy AAC files over or failed attempts at it. Nothing lead me to the DRM solution for what to do with PURCHASED and locked AAC files - those that you purchase and download through the Itunes music store. Several mentions of programs that seemed to fail with newer and newer versions of Itunes.

    After a ton of searching on these forums and trial and error I found what I believe to be the easiest way to play your purchased PROTECTED AAC Itunes files. This means that not only can you take your ripped music out of Itunes, but also the songs you purchased from the music store. No more needing to burn your ProtectedAAC cd then re-rip it back into Itunes!

    My test environment was Windows XP, Treo 700wx with Itunes 7.0.2 and

    I downloaded SoundTaxi from Installed it. Selected one particular song file to convert to MP3 to run a test. Looks like you can convert to MP3, AAC and WAV in the shareware version. Program worked fairly flawlessly, much better than older programs I had tried or ones requiring registry hacks - trial version only transfers 30 seconds of the file but that was enough for me. Cost of full program is $14.90 and looks to be worth every penny if it works as easily as it appears. By selected I mean that I browsed through windows to the Itunes library. At first glance I see that you can select one song or a whole folder at once.

    Lots of hack methods on the forums involving a number of different things, but saw only one or two mentions of this program - surprising given how easy it is to use. Given the number of people that ask about Itunes, surprised it hasnt been highlighted more.

    Would like others to confirm this works for them. Please let me know here if you try a certain method, OS or whatever with this program that doesnt work as I would like to keep track. I have not tried out playlists or anything like that, I've been sitting here for five straight hours trying to get this to work first. I also have no connection whatsoever with this company, just wanted to share what I hope is a useful tool for everyone.


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    So far I've been unable to get playlists exported to pocketmusic. Itunes looks like it only exports xml or txt and I'm not sure what formats PM exports. Minor issue though.
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    I've tried SoundTaxi before and it really messed up my XP PRO SP2 machine. I've had much better luck and still currently use myfairtunes. Google for it. It works great.

    Also, your thread title is wrong. It should have been 'How to convert and play your purchased iTunes on your Treo,' not copy and play.
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    Hey thanks! I did about 10 albums last night and have had no issues so far. What do you mean it messed up your machine? Its a pretty small footprint from what I can tell and I have encountered no issues at this point.

    As for my thread title being wrong (?) I said unlock, transfer and play - not copy and play - so not sure what you meant? Technically, ST actually does make a second stripped copy of the sound file, leaving the original protected AAC file intact - so wouldnt that be copying it - but I dont think I said anything about that anyway. Regardless.

    Again surprised these two programs have not been highlight more as the "What do I do with my Itunes files" comes up almost once a day, and there are people in those threads that still answer that you cannot play locked/purchased Itunes files.
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    hmm, I know that PM supports asx and m3u style playlists. The asx format is xml. I wonder how close the formats are. Can you upload a small xml export one for a look-see? It's might be possible to convert with a simple script.
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    Cant upload anything now (at work) but thats good to hear. All I did real quick this morning was copy over two small playlists (one txt and one xml) exported from Itunes. Not the end of the world if thats the case.
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    After installing ST I got a couple of BSOD and Windows Media Player 11 beta 2 also crashed a few times even after uninstalling ST. I formatted and did an Acronis restore on my desktop. I haven't tried ST since.

    I also feel I shouldn't have to pay more money to free up my purchased music.

    And when I read your title 'unlock, transfer, and play' I was expecting info on how to play itunes files on the ppc. not how to convert to mp3 and then play.

    Check out myfairtunes. It can unlock, convert, delete original (if desired) and can also do high speed conversion. and Free!
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    Come on, now we're splitting hairs over wording. If I had talked about converting it to an unlocked AAC file? If you can take a locked itunes (Protected AAC) file and convert it to an unlocked (unprotected AAC) itunes file (mp4 aac) and play it - isnt that the same thing as unlocking? OK its not I guess, technically its converting. My bad. Maybe I should have put quotes around "unlocked".

    And $14 to me is free in the software/Treo world. I'm just not that obsessed with finding a free solution to everything and have no problem kicking some paypal bucks to a developer that has a solution I find valuable. I just dont fall into that category though I understand why some do.

    Hey no worries. To each his own. I will check out myfairtunes though! Always interested in checking out new tools anyway, thanks!

    Also wondering with these tools out there, why threads come up every day or week about "How do I play my itunes files on my Treo" and the incorrect yet constant answer is "you cant play files that you bought through Itunes?"
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    Sorry, to be a pain, but it's because the real answer is you can't play itunes on your ppc. You can only convert them to mp3, wma, ogg, etc and then play those files.

    No worries, mate. Just semantics.
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    There are many M4P converters can convert iTunes music or the other DRM music to mp3,Such as: Noteburner, tunepat, tune4win,tune4mac etc. I have tried all ofthem before since I had the same problem in a few months ago. I prefer Noteburner, which uses a virtual burner, it converts so fast...
    It can also convert protected audio book and wma files.

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