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    I have agenda fusion but following the ratings given to agenda one I had a look. I prefer its simplicity but the thing that is stopping me change is that there seems to be no option to disable the exit button as in fusion. This means it wont minimise and needs a relaunch each time if you are not to have it on screen all the time. any ideas?
    How about using a task manager (like iLauncher, or HandySwitcher) to minimize A1, rather than close it? Not perfect, but it should keep it running in the background if you wanted to.

    By the way, FWIW, I have moved from Pocket Informant (which I've used for years) to AgendaOne. While not nearly as feature-rich, it does what I want it to do easily and effectively, and I like the one-handed ease and the look of the app.
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    Can you please describe the functionality of one-handed operation for scheduling appointments and scrolling from one day to the next in week view? This feature is woefully lacking in Pocket Informant.

    Also, can I set appointments for 45 minute (or 15 minute) intervals as a default?
    Yes, you can go to the day view of scheduling >click menu> New appoinent> which brings up a detailed screen for editing as you need to , all selections can be done using the D-nav key > click on done and *poof* one handed appointment is made! You can set up default scheduling times and also click one handed time intervals in 15 minute increments when setting up the appointment.

    genda ONE is HIGHLY customizable in the options selection of the menu key.
    Hope this helps!
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    I demoed both agendaOne and ultiPlanner...

    they do so much....but the built in calendar works fine for me except the week view...I am still surprised no one has written a plugin just for that purpose.
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    I like Agenda One, is there a way to change the contact view display to Show First Name , Last Name?
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