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    Greetings all !
    Yes, after a steep learning curve and a desire to self sustain a bit I have returned !
    I do travel alot and i really feel I can leave my Laptop at work if I have a good portable keyboard. NO I R PLSEASE !
    I am looking for a collapsable (Sp) keyboard that is preferrably hard wired to the bottom of the Treo or a GOOD bluetooth board that i can recharge ( Would like to avoid battery if I can)
    Again, be kind to the noob !

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    Bump, Help my thumbs are swollen!
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    Just buy one from the TreoCentral store and give it a try. They have a 30 day return policy. Looks like they are bluetooth and not wired. One thing about being able to charge it, then you have to carry an adapter. I saw one that uses AA or AAA batteries (can't remember which) and you could always pickup some, if they ran out on you, pretty much anywhere.

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    Thanks! I will be doing so!

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