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    I have had my Treo 750v for a few weeks now and gettting comfortable with WM. However, the way folders and files are set up on the device and storage card seem a bit flaky. What is the best way to manage files on WM?

    Connect to the PC and move files folders around as you would on any attached storage device?

    Are there specific folders where themes are supposed to be stored?

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    Get Resco Explorer for one...that's a must have app imo.

    Themes all go into \My Documents, typically.

    You can also do the ActiveSync move files thing. That works fine.

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    You can even create a directory in My Documents called Themes and place them there. That's what I did.
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    What exactly seems flakey? The only "odd" thing I've seen is that most apps only see directories up to two levels deep. So they can see \My Documents\My Stuff, but they can't see \Storage Card\My Documents\My Stuff. Seems like it's a Windows Mobile thing. Some apps see more, but it means you need to organize stuff on the storage card a certain way to make sure the content is available to most apps.
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