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    Hey guys,

    Whenever I get a voice mail notification and I press "listen", nothing happens and it just sits there. I am forced to pretty much dial my phone number to access my voice mail.

    Is there a fix for this annoying thing?
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    if you go into menu/speed dial options what is your voicemail set to?

    click on the voicemail tab to see.
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    Its set to 1.
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    I had to go in and edit the registry. Problem was, the key I was supposed to be editing wasn't even there. So I had to create it. Here's what I did, because what the crap is the point of a softkey with a notification if you can't use it, right?

    Download PHM Registry Editor

    open it and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/System/State/Messages/vmail

    If you click on vmail, you should see a value in the window on the bottom of your screen; something that says VMailNumber. This should be your phone number (1234567890). If there's a different value, click on it, and replace it with your phone number.

    In my case, the key didn't even exist for some reason, so I had to create it. If that's the situation for you, just do this:

    Click edit
    New String Value
    Enter VMailNumber (instead of new value 1 or whatever) and your phone number in the other field
    Click ok

    This worked for me, and now that button's functions are restored.

    I know it's a serious PITA, but it's the only thing I know that will restore that feature. Good luck!
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    Thanks, Alienwhere
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    No sweat
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    Quote Originally Posted by L3thal View Post
    Its set to 1.
    yes, 1 is the softkey number. if you if you select the voicemail button itself it will bring up the number it dials when you hit the 1 key.
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    Having the same problem here. When I hit 'listen' nothing happens. I did the reg edit as described, entered VMailNumber in the first field, and then my digits in the other, saved, exited. Just sent myself a voice mail, hit 'listen', still does nothing. Comments, suggestions, new Treo?
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    Did you soft reset?
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    Yup, soft the listen doesn't show up at all under the left softkey.
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