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    Which one is a better one (MultiIE or PIEPlus or other)?
    Can you get tabs in PIE with MultiIE 4.0 or PIEPlus?

    Can you install PIEPlus or MultiIE to SD card?
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    dunno about MultiIE, but PIEPLus has good tabs support. I haven't tried installing it on my SD card.
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    i as well can say pieplus does good for tabs. i use spb pocket plus. it has good ie enhancements. not really tabs but does do muti pages. try it for 30 days free trial.
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    If you want something free, you can try out ftxPBrowser. The developer stopped working on it in 2004, but its not bad. I currently have it running on my 700wx, but I mainly use the standard PIE.

    Below is a link to an thread/article on 4 tabbed choices for WM5 including ftxBrowser.
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    I love PIEplus, second thing I install after a hard reset after SPB.
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    Does PIEPlus support new tabs using the D-Pad? I can open up new windows with SpB, but not without the stylus.

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