Download MERCORA

There are several solutions for streaming music to your WM5 device. But i have been searching for one that allows me to stream my home music collection anywhere. I am a music junkie, and even a 4gb is not enough to whet my appetite for music on the go. I have tried orb and gloonet and a few other more primitive solutions. So far i like orb the best, It works (most times). However, the html interface is clunky and a pain to navigate in PIE. I started looking for a local windows application that will do the same thing that orb does. I found Mercora.

Mercora sort of works and it has a alot of neat features like album art and blazing fast browsing interface, which is a huuge plus for me. However it is severly lacking as a stand alone player. You actually have to stop the song you are listening to in order to browse your collection. Theres no way to navigate tracks that i am currently listening to or view the play list. To me its very rudimentary as a player..but its a good proof-of-concept of what the ideal streaming application should be like. I'd like to hear some other opinions on audio streaming services folks have tried and which ones they liked the best.