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    Hi y'all, I'm wondering if I'm the only one getting this problem...

    When I write notes or text messages, if I casually press 'R' on the keyboard or the left button to go back, nothing happens. The only way an 'R' is typed (or for the key to go left) would be to press down all the way. This is really annoying because it's not like that for the other keys and I can just type away. I tested it again by just pressing them lightly over and over again (with nothing happening), then pushing them down all the way (with the keys repeating if I don't let go early enough).

    Is this normal, or a good reason for an exchange? Something they can fix at the store?

    PS: My 30 days was up about 2 wks ago, but I'm also suffering from the "no text messages sent to Verizon and TMobile" syndrome...I wonder if I can talk them for an exchange/return after the 30 day period...
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    something is wrong with your phone. get it swaped out

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