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    Hello all, i have a treo 750v flashed the rom to cingular but cant get the mms working. Can anyone help?
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    i have the 750v with vodaphones rom installed on Cingular and have no issues with mms, sms or internet why did u switch to cingular rom?
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    i switched to the cingular rom because with voda's rom the phone kept switching between roaming a nd cingulars network
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    Recently purchased treo 750v for sale.....1 week old....hate wm5 going to get 680
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    I understand your frustration with WM5 as its a pain changing from one OS to another. I urge you to give it longer than a week though to get use to the new OS.
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    I still like Palm OS much better, but I would agree that you give it longer.

    To be honest, I have the unlocked Vodaphone 750v and I've left my MMS settings on auto. Its picked up from the SIM and works fine.
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    I will see, compared to my mpx200 the experience i am having with wm5 is horrible. I do love the form factor of the 750 compared to my 650, i can live without the higher resolution screen, i enjoy the pocket excel and word but i need my picture
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    hopefully someone can help me out, I have the 750v unlocked, I am using it in japan. I am currently subscribed to softbank formerly known as vodaphone, as of right now the phone is working great except i can't download the mms messages from the server, it lets me know that there is a message but when I try to download it I get a error message. any help would be great!!
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    mms server:


    email center #- 121

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