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    Ok if you read googles Configuring other mail clients. It is retty straight forward. It sets up easy enough and you receive email all well and good. Now if you want to send email well that is a different story it does not send and gives you and error. The error is confusing because it says messages can not be downloaded to your mobile device. What the error is is sending emails.

    Configuring other mail clients

    Does anyone have a fix to send email through gmail pop3?
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    I just started experiencing this same issue as well a few minutes ago. Must be problems with Gmail...
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    Ok because I thought I did not turn something on or set something correct. First day with the new Treo 700wx. I like it but more buttons to push to do things and still not impressed with data speed. Not giving it a bum wrap till I have had it a few weeks so far I really like it.
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    Do you guys occasionally get sent messages in your inbox due to gmails threading?
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    Yes I do...and I am experiencing the same problems...weird.

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