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    I'm a computer science student playing around with image processing with a treo's camera. Everything has been going well except for internet access. Here where I live and on campus, wireless internet is available everywhere. I thought a standard Treo could connect to that kind of network but am I wrong? I can't seem to find the settings to be able to do so...

    I know I can connect to the cellular network (the one I'm paying for with a monthly limit of like 3-4 mb download). But what about the limit-less wireless internet?

    Thank you
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    Only with a WiFi card...
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    wifi and phone doesn't work at the same time.

    man just call sprint, ask for the power vision access plan, then complain that why should you pay for picture mail and sprint tv like on a normal POWER vision phone when the wx doesn't do it. alot of us have got like a $10 a month credit for something like this. sprint data is not a bad price and pretty fast.

    other wise just so you know i got a palm wifi card for compusa not to long ago for $45. not a bad price. i must say though.. i returned it.
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    I see...

    Anything possible with bluetooth? I simply want my application on the Treo to be able to communicate with my server running on my laptop (through a socket/address IP) next to me without having to be plugged USB.

    It's getting expensive considering I'm not even really using the phone!
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    see Softick PPP - it'll connect to your computer's net connection via BT. But I would suggest that you use something other than MicroSoft's BT SW for the BT device - never had any luck making anything work while using the MS drivers.

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