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    Hey guys,

    Out of nowhere, my Treo would not get out of stand by mode and when I took off the batery and out it back on, it just stays on the Treo menu at boot up and doesn't boot up.

    What could the problem be?
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    Have you tried a soft reset and then a hard reset if that did not work?
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    I've had mine hang at the boot screen before. I just hit the reset hole and it booted up after that.
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    It froze while the phone was on and it never booted up again. I Did a hard reset and its working now.

    Stupid Treo just crashed on me or something.
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    what were you running as far as apps?

    anything that was new?
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    Try control alternate delete. At least thats what the tech guys always say in my office. Glad you got it working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    what were you running as far as apps?

    anything that was new?
    I just had threaded app running like it has for weeks and it didn't light up the screen when I pressed the power button. It didn't respond to anything and when I removed the battery and put it back in, it showed the Treo logo and never moved from there for like an hour.

    I did a hard reset and now I have to install everything!!

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