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    Hi all,

    A strange thing happend to my Treo 750. I received a SMS that crashed the phone and even after the phone came back up, I still wasn't able to read the SMS - it just keeps crashing whenever I tried to read the SMS. So, I just deleted the message and did a soft reset.

    However, the screen on/off button (red button to the right) stopped working after the soft reset. I wasn't able to turn the screen off though it would still automatically do so after 30 seconds (as per the setting on the phone). I didn't have time to deal with then, so I just left it be. After a little while and a phone call, the screen on/off button automagically started to work again.

    Any ideas?
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    software bug probably. If it happens again, try another soft reset.
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    i had exactly this problem. Was using BT GPS then got a call - couldnt switch to the call and the phone locked up (AGAIN). Did a reset, took ages for the home screen to come up (again) and when it did, if i tried to power off the screen, it made the outgoing call 'bing' but did not switch off. i had to do a hard reset (AGAIN) and reload all my software (AGAIN).

    I love this device when everything works. But its so rare. I waste hours a day getting the device to work properly. I love its csapabilitires but i really miss the reliability of my treo 650 (and that wasnt so relaible)!
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    i have lots of apps installed
    spb pocket plus
    SPB Backup
    SPB Finance
    Wine Guide
    IM+ Mesenger
    POcket Informant
    MY Sport Traing
    and a BT headset, (nokia 800)
    all on my unlocked 750V with Vodaphone's firmware on Cingular network

    all work flawlessly no hard resets, 2 soft resets in a week or so

    you may want to look at that BT GPS device and the memory it takes up when it loads maps
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    I don't know if it will fix your problem with the red button or not, but you might try out AE Button Plus. You can tell it to take over your red button and make it turn off your device.
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    same problem here after tried pocket player....

    any ideas? help!

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