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    for some reason i cant sync. and when i connect my 700wx to my PC nothing happens. When i go to programs/sync it says i need to install active sync on the computer and connect the device and gives the option to add a server source or connection. It seems my original connection stuff is deleted. My phone has been acting weird and i would like to sync to do a hard reset, but i cant do that without backing up first.

    i want to hard reset cause people keep calling me and im not getting the calls , just alerts that i missed calls, and it seems to freeze when i dial a # sometimes. It will say "dailing" for a couple of seconds then just give up. I keep having to reset the phone. I even installed the soft reset prog to make it easier.

    I have done all the little tips and tricks everyone else on the board does, so my phone was running in good shape, but seems to be acting weird the past week = ( damn the 700wx, the worst phone ever.
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    well since nobody can really help here....

    is there any way to just re-install the OS ? Just windows since i cant backup my stuff?

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    GOT IT... thanks

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