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    what will the other person see when the sling is being used? I was watching some 2 hour show of yours yesterday that was on your dvr. I could see you fast forwarding through the commercials. what show was that and was you watching it at home.
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    You will get an error saying the slingbox is in use. I was watching a bunch of prerecorded shows yesterday. You'll have to give me a clue what you saw.
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    Hannip, I have tried the cab link for wm5 twice and have gotten a client that looks like it is wm2003. Can someone who has the wm5 client confirm that the interface is wm5 like. In otherwords does it have the softkeys. Can someone post a screen shot?
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    The wm5 version does have softkey support. The left softkey opens the menu and the right softkey opens the remote control.

    The cab for wm5 is
    The cab for 2003 is
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    Did anyone get it to work on their 700wx cause it's not working on mine. It says "Invalid IP Address is specified. Please enter vaild IP address."
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    I've been trying to view since 8 this morning...keep getting the msg that it is in use. hoping to get a chance to see one of these days!
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    hehe, maybe we should put in a feature request to slingmedia to implement timelimits per user.
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    I guess the trial is over cause I'm getting a message saying the password is invalid. It was fun while it lasted. Thanks again.
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    Yea, its over, if you check the website he has a post on his blog that someone has spoilded it for all of us that just wanted to try it. From what I read there, there were people that were using it for hours at a time, and someone actually went against the rules that he set up about deleting or removing his recordings or schedules. So, it was nice while it lasted, its a shame that a few people have to spoil it for everyone else
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    Finally got my slingbox working. This is almost better then sex infact i can still watch my tv while still having it(sex). If any one wants to check it out send me a PM and I can give you all the info aswell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sschlesinger View Post
    infact i can still watch my tv while still having it(sex).
    Uhhhh...I have a feeling if you try this, you will be watching your slinbox a LOT more than you think!!!
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    Hey i cant get the slingbox id it says it needs to be 32 characters long.

    can anyone help. thanks. also the link at the top of the first page isnt working anymore. no matter how many times i try it.


    do you guys know of anyone else who is sharing there slingbox?
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