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    since I noticed some of you soing the RTN reset. I figured I would share this.

    I noticed this quite a while ago, but never posted it. I like to do a RTN reset instead of the hard reset. I just feel like it's more complete. this worked fine on my 6700, but on the treo wx it funny.

    after the RTN reset you lose the camara app. maybe even other thing, but I don't know for sure. what I do is the RTN then before reprograming msd and msid I do a hard reset. this brings back the camara app. the RTN is more of a reset that requires provisioning data which should be why it's working for the 1/2 hell sms issue.

    hope this helps someone before they RTN, reload everything, then notice no camara and want it back. if so, start all over.

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    700wx here.....I have RTN reset a few times, and have always had the camera, and all other functions afterwards.
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    wow, I have done it like 10 times on mine and never had the camara app. not saying that something couldn't be wrong on my end. you know I had this phone replaced with another wx when I first got it. I think it did the same thing.
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    Must be your luck cody, I have the camera app too.
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    ok, so much for sharing.

    mods, please delete this thread and all other I have made in the past. i'm such an *****.
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    hehe, well I wouldn't delete the thread. Someone else may experience the same thing as you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post
    hehe, well I wouldn't delete the thread. Someone else may experience the same thing as you.
    ya right. you know it's only me. and i bet there's someone out there right now saying " what an *****, he has a $650 phone and don't even know how to use it. what a waste". well you know what... i'm going to prove it. before i do i must ask a question.

    i'm backing up right now. then i'm going to do the RTN reset and post some pics. is there somewhere i should post screenshot of? like something in the reg. i know i could post screenshots of the menu and programs screen but would there be a better shot of something else. i could also post a spb backup of the fresh install ( after rtn) and let others check it out.

    i know all this could be done by just deleteing the .ink from the windows folder manually, but i'm tring to prove myself. i'm not going crazy. am i?

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    If the lnk is in \Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder and doesn't show up when you go to Start Programs it could be that the link has the hidden attribute set. Check that.
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    no, it not even in the \Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder at all.
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    i just got a total different phone, fresh out of the box, did a rtn, and it doesn't have the camara app either. now if i go to start/pictures and video, i see a camara and it works, but there is no camara in the \Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder of either of the two phones right in front of me.

    man, now i know i'm going crazy.
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    Ok, so it's not that the camera app is missing, it's just the shortcut in Programs that is missing.

    The shortcut I have has a target of ":MSCAMERA?shellres.dll,-8263"
    The :MSCAMERA is an alias for pimg.exe.

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