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    I have been playing with this a bit, quite cool. Using this with a BT headset it can be considered as the poor mans "Bluetooth enabled vehicle" I can say "Call Sam Smith Mobile" and it will call. I can say "Whats my Schedule today", and it will read my appointments to me.

    I can also ask the phone to play an album, a certain song, or to shuffle.

    Call information is announced as calls are received. Users who think they may have missed a call can simply ask, "What calls did I miss?" and Voice Command will recite the time and phone number of missed calls.
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    I have been trying to setup voice command on my treo 750v, but I am not having so much joy with it as you appear to have.
    When you set yours up to (e.g. Call Sam Smith Mobile) how did you do this?
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    There is nothing to do...the app does not require training. You just start using it. Works great, its amazing.

    you can also say "call 123-4567" and it instantly dials the number. You can speak very fast and it works.

    btw- did you assign it to a button? thats about all you have to do before using it. It comes with an excellent help file, did you read it?
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