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    Is any one else having problems with this? It keeps connecting and disconnecting every minute or so, for the whole day. Its been doing that for the past two days now. And today its not connectind at all unless i open IE or go to check my mail. Sprint network.
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    Where do you live? It could be that they're installing Rev. A in your city, and it's affecting the network until they get it up. I had a lot of anomalies when the EvDO network was being installed where I live.
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    I live in Cali. Los Angeles. and whats a Rev.
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    Revision A is an upgrade to the current EVDO implementation Sprint has. It allows voice and data at the same time as well as faster data transmission. However, your phone has to support Rev A to take advantage of these features.
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    I've had some issues connecting the past few days. Something is going on.
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    me too. maybe it's getting ready to fix out sms? or we're getting ready to lose email. which ever I think there playing with the network.

    FYI: I live in missouri.
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    well i am glad to hear that its not just me of my phone. I guess i'll wait untill the end of the week, and then i'll raise hell. I'll be asking for disscount also
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    I've had no problems in, no upgrades, lol
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    Do you guys happen to have the threaded app installed?
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    I don't.
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    Well, just make sure you guys go to Delivery Preferences under your POP3 account and uncheck "connect every X minutes". When that is done, go to your POP3 options and when you get to your user name/password you click on options (Where you set your incoming/outgoing server address) and make sure that is checked with the time you want it to synchronize.

    Basically, you are unchecking it under delivery preferences and you are checking it under your POP3 options.

    If you do not happen to use POP3 to check your mail, then it could be a program you have that requires internet connection to do whatever it needs to do, which is a different story.
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    the problem is not with email. once the EV connects i get my emails. the problem that it connects and disconnects every minute. where as it would stay connected all the time before.
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    Must be something with your settings or connection.
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    nothing wrong with the settings, all i did was changed the DNS for faster internet, but once it started to disconnect i changed it back to original settings.

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