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    Does anyone know if the Sprint 700wx can be unlocked for use on another CDMA carrier?
    I may be changing firms and the new firm is not on Sprint.
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    you may me able to pay to get it unlocked ,but without sim cards, you have to get the ens number activated through the carrier. that is not going to happen.
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    I'm guessing the other firm is on Verizon or Alltel (shudder) if it's another US CDMA carrier and it comes down to this:

    Sprint, Verizon, and Alltel as well as most minor carriers WILL NOT activate each other's phones. Unless you can find an "underhanded" employee who will put the ESN in that carrier's database (which doesn't happen), it ain't gonna happen. No way, no how.

    Your best bet is to cancel the line with Sprint (assuming the contract is out-of-date and you'll pay no ETF) and sell the phone on ebay for a good price (non-contracted 700wx's go for 350-450) and buy a 700wx once Verizon comes out with it.
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    Did someone succeded unlock MSL on sprint treo 700p/wx? is steps are same just like treo 650 cdma?

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