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    ok .... and so I am old .... well maybe NOT that old .... just vintage at 58 .... and I have finally purchased my first pcphone .... treo 700 wx .... I spent hours here at treocentral before I purchased it .... and have tried to read all I could .... getting tips and assuring myself that this was really the phone I wanted .... and it seems to be .... and now I am trying out some of the programs which were recommended in the posts here .... and .... well I downloaded SmallMenuPlus .... and I can't get it to load onto my phone .... I did unzip the files and synched with the phone .... but I get an error message on the phone saying something about a proper "certificate" and .... I don't quite understand this in the 'read me' instructions ....
    2. How to install SmallMenu/SmallMenuPlus

    By extracting the files from zipped archive, you will find
    'setup.exe'. Execute the 'setup.exe' on your Desktop PC to install
    SmallMenu/SmallMenuPlus on your Pocket PC.

    To install SmallMenu/SmallMenuPlus via Windows 2000/XP, your account
    is required to be a member of 'Power Users' or 'Administrators' group
    to execute 'setup.exe' properly. In the case your account is not,
    copy an appropriate cab file included in the zipped archive to your
    Pocket PC according to the CPU type of your Pocket PC 2000 device or
    copy if your device is Pocket PC 2002 or versions
    thereafter. Then execute the cab file on your Pocket PC to install

    Could someone please help me .... thanks (knowing that .... there will be quite abit more I'll ask later .... and that I have tried to read and find answers in the threads)
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    u have to have a connection with active sync first. while connected, on your pc, hit the setup exe and it will load.
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    thanks Cody ..... I did that .... and got the message on my phone that there was a problem with the 'certificate'
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger fan View Post
    thanks Cody ..... I did that .... and got the message on my phone that there was a problem with the 'certificate'
    First your phone will give a warning that the program isn't certified by Microsoft. If you do not hit the ACCEPT button, after a minute or so it times out, and doesn't install. That's the message you're getting
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    ok .... got it to work .... thank you
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    tell us how you like it in a few days. i'm thinking about it.

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