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    I just got my 700wx last week. Nice device.

    I was working with another Treo user today. When I went to put my phone down on the desk he saw it. Immediately he said "worst phone".

    So I asked him why. He said because its very slow. I asked him what model he had (think it was 700w). He said 650. So I told him that I believe my device has twice the memory and slowing down shouldn't be an issue.

    He said he was saying the same thing when he first got his Treo. But after a ton of apps being installed he is having a lot of problems.

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    He's confused.

    Seriously, if he has a 700w, he has about 1/3 of our RAM (Program memory). Hence the slowness.

    I find it difficult to fill up 60mb of space on here with programs. Like you have to have 25+ apps to do that and if you're complaing after that...then you have too high expectations or don't know how to use an SD card.

    He's probably a WM5 newb and doesn't know program memory from storage memory.

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    I think he had palm OS since he was on a 650. He said some of his apps were on the storage card. But overall he was not happy with the device.

    I tried to tell him otherwise that the 700wx was a huge improvement. I guess he wouldn't know unless he actually uses one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    He's confused.

    There are hundreds of thousands of happy 650 owners out there (including me) who seem content with the phone's performance, even when they lard it up with lots of 3rd party apps.

    Maybe he just has a bad phone.

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