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    I found several people ask about it and didn't get reply. In pocket pc world, you can have a lot of push email sulotions, such as exchange server service, blackberry client and IMAP IDLE. I only talk about IMAP IDLE here. In Palm OS, chatteremail is the only choice for IMAP IDLE push email (very good email client.). In PPC, you can have two choices, both are very nice and cheap, although not free .

    1. vgsmail

    vgsmail is an addon for pocket outlook, which can let you keep your familar interface and all old settings and emails. Vgsmail has 7 day trial version and the one-time registration fee (free upgrade for ever) is only $21.95. The push email works flawlessly with vgsmail and pocket outlook together. So basically you pay $21.95 and you add the IMAP IDLE function to your pocket outlook, very nice. I like it.

    The vgsmail runs background with an icon in the tray bar of today, showing the status of the vgsmail server. Vgsmail work both SSL and non-SSL IMAP IDLE pushing service. vgsmail also sync your desktop outlook emails (all folders) with your PPC too.

    small, quick, cheap and keep your pocket outlook
    Cons: none so far

    2. flexmail

    flexmail is from (the maker of pocket informant) and is a complete package of SMS and emails. It has so many features and I don't want to paste the long list here.

    As to the push function, it is ok for non-SSL IMAP email. So far it doesn't support SSL IMAP, nor do they have any plan to add this feature.

    Flexmail has 14 days trial version and full version cost $19.95 only.

    A whole package for dirty cheap price. too many (Best Email Winner: PPC Magazine 2006) you can check a review here

    Cons: no SSL push. Big and bloated, slow to load and consuming more memery than pocket inbox. No indicator to tell if the pushing works or not.

    I am using vgsmail right now because my IMAP server is SSL required. Also I am Palm OS guy, small and fast is always the preference for making choices. For those guys who used to be palm users, at least the push solution in PPC is much cheaper than in Palm OS. Also both email clients have more features and better interface than chatteremail. (The one hand operation is still better in chatteremail, because of the Palm OS.)
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    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    FlexMail's current IDLE implementation is terrible. It is not reliable, crash prone and loaded with bugs. It's IMAP code is being rewritten and reorganized, according to the developers (at least they realized it). They claim their internal builds are much better. If they are commited to producing a quality product, on par with Chatter, FlexMail could be a better alternative to the built in Messaging app for both WM SmartPhone and PPC. Their next public beta release will be a good indication of where this application is headed. I don't expect anything stable enough, with reliable IDLE push, until the end of the year. There is some potential though.
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    I've never understood why Pocket Outlook doesn't support IMAP. How hard would it be for M$ to do that?
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    I suspect MS left IMAP out of pOutlook to "encourage" you to move to an Exchange account. Once you go Exchange, you don't go back...or at least that's what MS figures. I use Exchange and its really nice with the realtime push.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daThomas View Post
    I've never understood why Pocket Outlook doesn't support IMAP. How hard would it be for M$ to do that?
    Small correction: it supports IMAP but not IMAP Idle.

    Probably didn't implement b/c of what Stroths said (concentrate on Exchange) plus I don't think many systems support IMAP Idle.

    VGSMail is really nice, but one BIG con is that the developer has basically abandoned it, not doing any more updates, not paying attention to his message board and not responding to requests or help.

    On the bright side, Crossbow finally support HTML in email

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    Just a side note to vgsmail. I have used it from the free beta days and back then the developer was great. It HAD the potential to be the chatteremail of the ppc world. It seems dead now. One issue was battery life. Vgsmail was a battery hog.

    I bought three copies for my devices and felt a little more than abandoned. I have made the jump to exchange push and while it cost me a little bit a month ($2), the exchange push works as well on my devices that support it, and the battery use is much lower.

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    The only issue with using push email through pOutlook is that you can on setup 1 account to sync with exchange whereas most PALM based email progs allow multiple accounts to work with IDLE
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    i thought the one account was a limitation of vgsmail. are you saying it is a limitation of pOutlook? that would explain why i cant get pOutlook to check POP mail and also keep my vgsmail IMAP folder current
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    What (if any) difference is there between VGSMail and Emansio? Is it the same plugin under a different name, or did it actually get an upgrade/update when they changed the name? (note: regarding the name change comment... if you click on the VGSmail link, you go to the Emansio page)
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    Quote Originally Posted by stroths View Post
    I suspect MS left IMAP out of pOutlook to "encourage" you to move to an Exchange account. Once you go Exchange, you don't go back...or at least that's what MS figures. I use Exchange and its really nice with the realtime push.
    And it's true - I see a lot of people faffing around here with all sort of 3rd party solutions with mixed results but if you have a decent data package (or a wifi enabled phone), you really want to go over to exchange - I'd never go back to pc based activesync.

    Take this week - my phone broke on monday and the replacement arrived tuesday, I'm in a hotel, I work for myself so there is no tech support.

    I put the exhange server details into the phone and *blam* - all of my emails, my contacts, my tasks, my diary are all there. And what does it cost me? the cost of a couple of coffees a month.

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