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    I just received my new Treo 750v and am experiencing problems with Pocket Outlook. Everytime it performs a send and receive command, it automatically deletes my email items from the inbox. How can I set it up so that my previously received emails are saved and archived? Thanks.
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    Are you syncing with an Exchange server? If so, its supposed to make the mail in your Treo mirror what's on the server.
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    No this is just a regular pop account.
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    It mirrors with POP accounts too. I actually prefer this behavior. I'm not sure you can change it. I don't really remember. I returned my 8125 ad I don't have WM5 until I get a Treo 750.
    You can also try FlexMail. A few things about it bug me, but it might do what you want.
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    When I converted to ChatterMail, I really had to change my gestault for POP3 email accounts. Pocket Outlook behaves similarly.

    Think of Pocket Outlook as a window into your INBOX on your email server (i.e. the server where you connect to download your email). If you delete an item in Pocket Outlook, the next time you "sync", it will be correspondingly deleted on the server. Similarly, if you log into the server directly and delete the email there, the next time you sync Pocket Outlook, it will disappear from your INBOX "view" in Pocket Outlook as well.

    It's a bit hard to get used to. I, too, came from a simple POP3 downloader (Treo600's built-in POP3 Client) that had an option to "leave on server". Indeed, that mode is NOT a true sync. It's more like a download.

    When I converted to ChatterMail, I had trouble because now, I had this clutter of emails sitting in both my server's INBOX and ChatterMails that I couldn't delete.

    But wait, ChatterMail had this nice little option to "delete on Treo only". With that option selected, I didn't delete any more email on the server unless I really wanted to (i.e. by selecting the normal "delete").

    Alas, Pocket Outlook - while having the otherwise preferable mode of "sync" - lacks the "delete on Treo only" option which addresses your gripe.

    Personally, I eventually got into a habit of frequently downloading my POP3 email (deleting from the server) which would ultimately clean up ChatterMail's INBOX upon the next sync.

    The only remaining step back is Auto BCC. Alas, Pocket Outlook (at least on my SmartPhone DASH - I don't yet have a 750) doesn't have a way to automatically fill in my own email address into the BCC line. Why would I want this? Simple - I also want the server (and, ultimately, my POP3 downloading desktop full-blown Outlook) to archive my sent email. Fortunately, the predictive text (xt9, on the Dash at least) makes it quick to fill in my email address manually on the BCC address line - I just need to remember to do it.

    Hope these comments help you adjust to the Pocket Outlook gestault...

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