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    I recently started two posts about the inability of my treo to sync 95+% of the time and my drama getting my treo replaced due to a charge port defect.

    The new Treo is on the way but I have a few questions about starting over with a hard reset and reinstalling everything which will hopefully fix my sync problems, I'd appreciate any advice on the following:

    1) Co Pilot Live: I want to make sure I keep my saved locations(favorites) for easy access on future vacations.
    2) Restoring Sprite backup to the replacement phone when it arrives. Meaning can I simply backup the damaged phone using sprite and restore to the new treo when it arrives? (this would be a new backup after I get my phone working correctly)
    3) Saving my mobile favorites.
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    Restoring a Sprite backup will restore everything listed above. CoPilot might save your addresses on the card, I know my tomtom does
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    To ensure a successful restore after you changed into a new Treo, I suggest you go to this location to have a look first and follow all the instructions carefully

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