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    I can't get this thing off my 700w.
    Please help.
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    I would first make sure you exit the program entirely from within wisbar. Theres a menu key on top, hit exit.

    Then go to my device/windows/startup/ and delete wisbar from there. If you have set WA2 to start automatically it will be there. If not, please disregard.

    Soft reset, then uninstall the program. Then manually go to my device/program files/lakeridge and delete that folder entirely. Soft reset again.

    This is how I uninstalled it. Good luck
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    Win Key -> Settings -> System -> Remove Programs -> Choose Wisbar Advance

    This removed it from my 700wx, but I did have to manually delete the Wisbar folder from the programs list after uninstalling using Resco Explorer. It was not hurting anything, but was annoying to see it there.
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    I still have a wisbar folder under programs that I can't seem to get rid of.

    <edited to add> fixed now, thanks. I forgot to delete the folder under windows/start menu /programs
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