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    Is it possible to make your ringtone play mp3 music? I cant seem to get it to work. All the ringtones are in MID format...what folder do I have to put the mp3 files to make it work?
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    There are hundreads of threads on this a simple search would have helped you.

    With thanks to WJONES, here is a quick step by step guide he produced.

    "How to create your own MP3 Ringtones for the Treo 700w:

    1) Download a audio recording/editing software. I use Audacity because it is FREE and easy to use. Download it here

    2) Import your own mp3 (I haven't had any luck getting it to work with DRM files) or use Audacity to record streaming music from your online radio stations or where ever. I recently found where you can search for just about any song or music file and stream it. You then use Audacity to record it.

    3) After you have your file recorded. Use the tools in Audacity to clean it up. Take the part of the song that you want (or several small parts) to create a 23-30 second clip.

    4) Navigate to this url and download the LAME plug-in. This allows you to export your recorded song into mp3 format. Follow the instructions on installing it. I believe that the first time you select export to mp3 in Audacity it will ask for the location of the LAME file. Then all you have to do it point to it.

    5) You know have your mp3 clip that you want to use for your ringtone. Upload the file to your Treo 700w (I use my SD Card to store things of this nature).

    6) On the Treo, Navigate to: Start > Settings > PERSONAL TAB > Sounds & Notifications

    7) Under the MANAGE tab, select Menu > Add...

    8) Use the file explorer that pops up to navigate to the files location. After you have highlighted it, press Select.

    9) Last step! Go to the Notifications tab and select the Known Caller, Unknown Caller, ETC. and select your new tune from the drop down menu.

    If you have any questions, post it here."

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    If you have an MP3 but just want to add it, you can put it in \My Documents or in \Windows\Rings.
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    thanks!!!!! didnt know it was that easy

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