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    Is there a hack to make the text alert more like the incoming call alert (Vibrate alert). With the text alert now all I get is two very short bursts of vibrate. With the incoming call I get a long vibrate. I am missing text messages because of the short vibrations.

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    You could add Phone Alarm and create a repeating vibrating alert for SMS messages. This way you probably wouldn't miss them.
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    I did that (added phonealarm) but the Text message vibrate alert is still the two short bursts just more of them. I work in a really noisy enviroment so I would like the text messages to vibrate like a incoming call.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulinbna View Post
    I work in a really noisy enviroment
    I though the purpose of the vibrate function was that you didn't have to hear the phone but instead you would feel it.

    I think the repeated short bursts are the best you are going to get i have never seen anything that can do this on any of the phones i have used.
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    It won't happen.

    Bruce has been asked about customizing the Vibrates, like Butler.

    He said it's too much work, too many variables (devices).

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