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    Missing sync says the 750 isn't supported.

    Whos syncing? How?

    PS....Did I mention bluetooth too?
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    Missing Sync supports the 750...haven't got it to work yet though
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    Yes, I use a Powerbook G4 to sync with my 750V, it works fine.

    MissingSync has a bunch of customer support pages for people with Windows Mobile 5. I had to do a bunch of things to get the bluetooth syncing to work, but it's finally doing it now. Don't use the USB cord because it's ridiculously slow (about 2 hours to sync 2000 calendar entries for example). Go to Mark/Space's home page and look up their knowledge database for troubleshooting tips.

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    I've tried are the suggestions from a support ticket...

    Below are a list of suggestions to help you complete a Bluetooth pairing that supports Active Sync connections between your Mac and Windows Mobile device. Go through the list of suggestions one by one, starting with number 1. If number 1 doesn't work, try number 2. If that doesn't work, try number 3, etc. Following each step, attempt to connect via Bluetooth from the ActiveSync program on the device. Once you successfully establish a connection, it’s not necessary to perform any further steps from the list below.

    1. Soft reset your device.

    2. Ensure that your computer's name is 20 or fewer characters in length (look in System Preferences > Sharing).

    3. If you have any data services on your device (such as EVDO or EDGE network access), turn them off.

    4. If your device is a phone, try putting it into Flight Mode (or if you have the Wireless Manager application on your Palm 700w, turn off the phone and turn on Bluetooth).

    5. Try toggling Bluetooth off and on again on your Mac.

    6. Try toggling the Bluetooth connection icon in The Missing Sync off and then on.

    7. In Bluetooth Preferences on your Mac, first delete any established pairing with your device in the Devices view. Next, proceed to pair your device again, but BEFORE you choose and enter the pairing password on your device, open Bluetooth Preferences on your Mac. THEN you may enter the pairing password on your device, and finally on your Mac. Do you see the Active Sync connection?

    8. Delete your blued.plist preferences file by following the steps below. Deleting the blued.plist will result in the Mac “forgetting” all of its saved Bluetooth device pairings. The blued.plist will automatically be recreated when you restart your Mac, and you may then reestablish Bluetooth device pairings.

    How to delete the blued.plist file:
    a. Launch Terminal (usually in the Applications/Utilities folder).
    b. At the prompt, type "sudo killall blued" (do not include the quotation marks) and press return.
    c. You will be prompted for your administrator's password; enter it and press return.
    d. Type or paste "sudo rm -f /private/var/root/Library/Preferences/blued.plist" (do not include the quotation marks) and press return.

    Immediately restart your Mac and try to pair the device again.

    9. Hard reset your device (back-up your data first). In almost all cases, the next attempt at pairing will show the Active Sync option.
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    Yeah, I followed those instructions all the way to step 9. After deleting that file off my mac and then hard-resetting my 750 (it was new so there was nothing on it anyway), the first thing I did was start up Missing Sync, made sure it was "listening" on the bluetooth connection, and turned off the phone mode on the Treo. Then I asked Activesync to connect via Bluetooth, the Powerbook recognized the device and paired with it, and then it sent over a file called which is installed on the Treo. Then the Treo is ready to go, I ask it to connect via Bluetooth and voila, Missing Sync recognizes the device and allows me to sync.

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    I've got it working on a MacBook Pro. Here are some tips:

    1.) Phone MUST be off. It WILL NOT synch if the phone is on. Period.
    2.) If you are using bluetooth, and you don't have an active network connection on either airport or ethernet, you must either have the firewall off or you must open port 990 on the firewall.
    3.) Make sure you followed the part when the Missing Sync cab file gets installed on the 750 before you try synching. It won't synch if the Missing Sync program is not installed on the 750.
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    I am using my 750 with a 12" Powerbook G4 and Missing Sync 2.5. I am syncing with iCal and Address Book and it works fine using both USB and Bluetooth. When I sync with BT, I need to disconnect from GPRS / UMTS, but I don't need to put the whole phone in flight mode. i.e. I can keep the voice connection open. I have even managed to hold a call and sync at the same time!

    I have had only a couple of issues:

    1. Once the connection dropped mid BT sync (my fault, I forgot the sync was happening and walked away from the Mac with my phone). After this, I could not get the events portion of iCal to sync. I had a similar problem with Missing Sync on my 650, so I don't think it is a 750 problem. Anyway, I solved the problem by creating a new calander in iCal, and copying and pasting all the events and tasks from the old calander to the new one, and then deleted the old calander. Took about 10 minutes and syncing now works fine.

    2. Occasionally the Mac and Treo just can't see each other via either BT or USB. I get around it by resetting the Mac and / or phone. Bit annoying, but it happens very infrequently, so it isn't too much of a pain.

    Now if we could just find a way to sync stickies to notes , and maybe also autosync a folder on the mac with a directory on the 750....

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