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    Pardon my ignorance, what makes the 700wx so difficult to get a set of hybrid headphones for? My impression would be, if it has a three band 2.5mm plug it should function as any other 3 band 2.5mm plug. I have suffered through trial and error to find this untrue. After buying both Plantronics MHS123 and Jabra c220s I found that only the right ear worked and had no phone control. So I checked the Palm store, a search on 700w returns 17 results and some decent products from senheiser and shure. The search on 700wx gets you 2, the piece of crap you get in the box and an adapter to use 3.5mm headphones. I called tech support to find out why, really didn't get an answer but was told it is neither an operating system problem or a hardware problem? The palm 3239ww (why it wasn't returned as an option when I searched???) looks like a decent option, does anybody have others?

    Oh, by the way, don't try to cut the earpices off a pair you like and splice them to the control/microphone from the OEM Treo headset, it doesn't work. I believe you could get the right ear and phone control to work, but there is no colored wire in my Jabra left ear wire. (yes I am that despirate)
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    Treo headsets plug is wired differently than a normak 3.5 plug you have to buy headsets designed for the Treo or mod one yourself I use the Treo version of the Shure E2C
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