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    man 700w sucks with program memory.. if I have to load big pages on the ineternet it freezes up and have to restart.. I even did the "lower memory limites" hack.. still no luck.. is there any way to mess with the rom or anything to increase the program memory? is palm coming out with another update for 700w to improve this?? .. either that or I just might go to sprint and get the 700wx... thanks
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    This is the BIG issue with 700w's, and why most people complain about the phone. Nothing can be done, supposedly Verizon is going to carry the wx, and verizon user are complaining they want a free upgrade. Search around for the "700wx coming to Verizon" thread, you will find many people in your shoes...
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    Here ya go,

    note via post times how long this took me.

    So easy, a caveman could do it! Sorry, just saw the commercial

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